Online Watercolour Tuition

For artists of every skill level - Beginners welcome!

Consider yourself ‘un’skilled? Get ready to build a solid foundation in watercolour painting. You can learn how to master various brush techniques, understand your materials (and how they behave) and achieve those amazing colour mixes to create your own watercolour paintings, step-by-step, with Andrew.

Tried watercolours and feel a bit stuck? Want to loosen up? Take your watercolour skills to the next level with engaging challenges and constructive technical critique from Andrew.

The course is £25 per month on a rolling month-to-month basis. You may pause and resume tuition at any time.

With one-to-one guidance you can create paintings to be proud of, while having fun with watercolour!


Watercolour Tuition

Andrew will contact you within 48 hours

The course is £25 per month on a rolling month-to-month basis. You may pause and resume tuition at any time.

Course Structure

For beginners, all the basics are covered with an introduction to the materials and easy step-by-step progression, mixing paint and choosing colours, how to start and build up the painting.
For more advanced students, there are opportunities to progress further and develop your own artwork, as well as new complex techniques and theories.


Join professional artist and experienced art tutor Andrew Jenkin in his virtual  studio as he guides you through weekly tutorials



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