Andrew Jenkin has written and illustrated several books about local history and folklore.

  • 2009 ‘The Curse of the Lambton Worm’, about a well-known dragon in the North-East of England. SUBPAGE
  • 2012 ‘Trouble at T’Mill’, about the Luddites involvement in the village of Honley, the West Yorkshire village where he grew up (text by Peter Marshall).
  • 2013 ‘Portrait of Honley’, a tour of old and interesting buildings in the village (text by Peter Marshall).
  • 2014 ‘Tapestry’, a children’s fairytale written by Richard King and published by Silverhill.
  • 2017 ‘Legends and History of Castle Hill, Huddersfield’, explores the tangle of legends and real history connected with this prominent Yorkshire landmark.

"The Curse of the Lambton Worm"

The book, “The Curse of the Lambton Worm” is available from this website (details above) and also from selected Tourist Information Offices around the North East of England (see below).

With its beautiful original colour illustrations, lively story telling and in-depth research, the book and exhibition will appeal to adults and children alike. An exhibition of the original illustrations toured the North-East of England in 2009.

“The Curse of the Lambton Worm”
Re-told and Illustrated by Andrew Jenkin.
Published by Arjent Design © 2009. ISBN 978-0-9562222-0-6
The book retails at £7.95 plus £1.50 postage

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